As Spectral Acoustic, Pacific Northwest composer and producer Parker Hill utilizes a variety of instruments and sound sources to create evocative and atmospheric tracks ranging from the dazzling and euphoric to the dark and mysterious. Though heavy on experimental layered guitar textures and processed synths, his work is frequently melodic and accessible.
Born in Seattle in 1982 with Brian Eno's ambient music playing softly in the room, then writing and recording music in his ever-evolving home studio since the age of twelve, Hill has long been possessed by the drive to explore life experiences through sound. His music has been said to evoke landscapes, both topographic and emotional, and has also tended to lean toward the psychedelic. The sonic tapestry he weaves may contain stylistic threads of downtempo, space rock, chillwave, or ambient techno but is unified in its evocation of wonder, tension, the mystery of existence, and the natural world of which we are a part.
Over the years, Hill has released music as Prkr and Weird Hill, played in or collaborated with bands such as Sun Vow and The Maldives, and worked with producer Steve Fisk. As Spectral Acoustic, Hill is entering a new phase in his career, veering somewhat closer to the beat-driven music of artists such as Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, and Boards of Canada.